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Taking pride in the skill behind installing such a beautiful Always Green Turf lawn…
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Taking pride in the skill behind installing such a beautiful Always Green Turf lawn…
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Why Synthetic Grass? No Mowing! No Watering! No Maintenance! No Kidding…
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Always Green Turf Colorado Springs

Always Green Turf is Colorado Spring’s leader for the supply and installation of artificial grass. With years of experience as Colorado turf design consultants, we have supplied and installed synthetic turf to a broad spectrum of clients here in Colorado Springs. Our range of products include lawns, putting greens, dog runs, playgrounds, tee lines, batting cages, restaurant patios, sport athletic fields, swimming pool deck turf and many more. If you are looking for a reputable artificial grass company in Colorado Springs, get in touch with us today! Our synthetic turf is easy to clean, looks gorgeous during every season, and has a long lasting life. Our competitors can’t deliver the highest quality American made products and excellent service that we at Always Green Turf are known for. Our artificial turf in Colorado Springs is proven to give the most aesthetically pleasing results and most functional, year around durability. We will meet with you and together design a beautiful outdoor space that is the envy of the neighborhood. Bottom line, if you are looking for the best artificial grass in Colorado Springs, contact Always Green Turf today! 719-660-3446 

ProGreen Artificial Grass for Dogs

When you don’t think your dog can destroy the back yard any more, let us help. Artificial turf will give all of you pet owners some peace again, knowing that our ProGreen turf will eliminate any problems you are having with mud and water puddles. Our artificial grass will stand up to all the wear and tear that your pet has caused over the years. No matter how many dogs or the size of your canine, our products have you covered. Our certified technicians will tell you that the main feature you need when installing artificial turf for your dog is drainage. Correct drainage will make sure that your artificial grass stays clean and dry regardless of how many times your pet(s) use it as a bathroom. With access to the highest quality products in the industry, we have the absolute best artificial grass for your furry kids. ProGreen started as specialists in putting green turf. But very quickly on, after realizing that dogs loved it, they crafted the ultimate synthetic grass solution for pets. Since then, they have been perfecting the product and today it can withstand the rigors of countless dogs running around and playing, as well as odor control. It wasn’t easy manufacturing an artificial grass product that could flawlessly function as the best turf system for dogs, but over 20 years of research and development paid off well. We are 100% confident that our product will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Do you want to keep your pet’s outdoor area clean and odor-free? Our grass system has a fully functioning under-drain system (Shark Drain) that works in conjunction with the grass’ rapid-flow backing. In addition, we use an all-natural infill that is brushed into the fibers of the synthetic grass, making our artificial turf perfect for backyards, kennels, doggy daycare facilities, dog training/agility courses, dog runs, and more. Nothing beats our artificial turf for your fur buddy, so call us today to see how we can help! 719-660-3446 

ProGreen Artificial Grass for Dogs

Always Green Turf offers a variety of solutions to the wide spectrum of problems that many homeowners face with their natural yards. We pride ourselves on providing the best artificial grass in Colorado Springs. As a result, our products are durable, water conserving, green, and low maintenance. Why choose us for your ultimate lawn care solution? All of our grass products come with thatch fibers that help keep the blades of your turf standing upright. In addition, these products employ an advanced resin technology and we’re the only Colorado turf company to use Supersoft fiber technology that gives the grass an unparalleled soft feel while still maintaining the strength and integrity. We promise you’ll love the way it feels to walk barefoot on our grass. Our polyethylene grass blades were created to provide both durability and softness. They allow multi-directional movement while also improving resilience over time. Each polyethylene fiber is created with ingrediants to minimize sun degradation and exposure to 

extreme temperatures, making it the perfect solution for your all your artificial turf needs in Colorado Springs. The summer heat and snowy winters don’t faze us at all. If you are fed up with the constant cycle of mowing, watering, fertilizing, and sprinkler maintenance, give us a call! 719-660-3446 

ProGreen Artificial Putting Greens

​Are you an avid golfer and want to improve your game where it really counts, the putting green? There is no better way to improve your short game than by installing a backyard putting green. We are your one stop shop for backyard putting greens in Colorado Springs, so look no further! Backyard greens in Colorado using synthetic turf are rapidly growing in popularity. And it’s easy to see why. It provides both experienced and veteran golfers with a convenient place to practice. You’ll be the envy of your local golfing community and improve your golf game at the same time. The ProGreen products we use have been industry innovators since 1987. Their synthetic putting greens are the surface of choice for professionals and golf enthusiasts all over the world. In fact, we use the product that was the first to be used as a green-colored top sand and PVC cup support system.

Finding extra hours in your week to frequent the country club or driving range can be difficult. We provide the perfect solution so that you have quick and easy access to putting greens- your backyard. Nothing is more convenient than being able to walk to your backyard and get those practice swings in. Our system is maintenance free, so you’ll never have an excuse that takes you away from the game you love. Regular irrigation is required with a natural grass green, but our system helps reduce water usage and give you more freedom. Our artificial turf Colorado putting greens are the perfect alternative to natural grass. With a smooth look, the ball will roll and bounce in the way you experience it on a professional golf course. We have been installing artificial putting greens for decades and never use the technology of the past. Optimal performance and experience is our goal for every one of our golfing customers. Most of our competitors use outdated systems, but we are always looking for the latest and greatest in order to provide the best service for you. Recently, we’ve added more density to our artificial turf, making the fibers softer, which results in a truer ball roll. We’ve developed our own proprietary cup support and in-fill system, using rounded silica sand. This will prevent your turf green from getting compacted over time and continually softens the surface so that you always have a real putting green experience. 

Choose Always Green Turf

There are a number of benefits if you are considering an artificial lawn Colorado Springs: Stunning visual appearance, long-term cost friendly solutions, and maintenance free ProGreen synthetic turf are just a few reasons why you should choose artificial grass in Colorado Springs. Regardless of crazy weather patterns, we provide outstanding products that meet your Colorado synthetic turf needs. Let us under promise, over deliver, and provide you with high quality, long lasting Colorado turf. We offer free consultations so the first step is to call Always Green Turf in Colorado Springs today!